As many may already know, NetEnt game developer has thrown down the gauntlet. Microgaming, at its discretion, can pick up the gauntlet and run away with it. As penned on , these two giants in the gaming industry have their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Overview of the Two Gaming Companies

Despite the NetEnt ululation at , reviewers and players feel that Microgaming is soaring high in the gaming industry. To remain aloof, however, Microgaming must put a little more effort to attract its audiences rather than churning out a frankly insane set of games monthly. This should include:

  • Enhancing its game presentation
  • Advancing its graphics

On the other hand, the technological advancements displayed by NetEnt are nothing to be shrugged away. NetEnt has been quite innovative and has, for a long time, been breathing fire down the neck of Microgaming. However, you cannot simply imagine that Microgaming will succumb to this competition soon.

Microgaming and NetEnt's Gameplay

It's a bit more complex to talk about the gameplay of these two giant companies. Since both companies concentrate much on live dealer games and themed slots, they tend to produce very similar games. Many people have amassed great riches from the two companies thanks to progressive jackpots.

The gameplay is surely a matter of personal interest. Compared to Microgaming, most of NetEnt games are a bit unfriendly to the newbies. This is based on the fact that they try to upscale their innovation with each new game to go along with their advanced presentation.

NetEnt and Microgaming Presentation

The different styles of presentation in NetEnt machines are undoubtedly a bit perplexing for casual or newbie players. On the other hand, Microgaming tends to be a little more uniform and conservative with their style. Its unmatched accessibility enjoys the preference of most less-savvy gamers.

Although Microgaming has several advantages over NetEnt, a player seeking a virtual gaming experience with best graphics around would, without doubt, find NetEnt to be their best. This, however, is not to say that Microgaming is a sheer slouch in this area. NetEnt upped the game through:

  • Cinematic sounds
  • Hi-res 3D graphics

The New and Innovative or Tried and Tested?

It cannot be overstated that whereas NetEnt represents the new and the future, Microgaming primarily represents the old and the past. Microgaming has, for a very long time, championed the iGaming indusry as its years of experience, durability, and size have given both vendors and players quality guarantee.

Being that Microgaming is by far the most established casino platform, players and vendors have equally gained a sense of familiarity which is, in essence, quite vital to the industry. From its slot games to the coveted Roulette, people exhibit much faith in Microgaming. It's also loved for:

  • Blackkjack table
  • State-of-the-art technology

Where NetEnt Scores Higher than Microgaming

Think of that cocky new kid on the block that doesn't seem to have passed the test of time, and NetEnt is the answer as far as comparing the two giants is concerned. However, NetEnt features far too many exciting and new, innovative developments that can't be ignored.

Although it has been in the gaming industry for almost as long as Microgaming itself, it is not until recently that NetEnt began to make a significant mark. You will love it for being fairly simple and the massive leaps they've taken with online casino software.